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Dear Baby 3 – 9 weeks

Dear Baby 3,

You gave mommy a scare today!! Last night I had some bleeding and we didn’t know what was happening. For the whole night and most of the day we thought we might be losing you. Thankfully, as soon as the ultrasound came up on the screen we saw your heartbeat, steady and sure. You were dancing around in there, happy as can be! Not a care in the world. As it should be. The bleeding was something minor and should go away on its own, thank goodness. I know too many mommies and babies who have had different outcomes.
I’m elated to continue to carry you for several more months. I still feel sick every day and I’m tired as all get out but I’m happy. I’m so happy to have you in there!

Q swears you are a girl but my friends say you must be a boy. What a wonderful surprise this will be when when we find out! Please hang tight and try not to cause too much trouble! A mama’s heart can only take so much.

I love you and can’t wait to feel your little taps and kicks inside me in a few weeks!

Forever yours,


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Baby 3.0 – 7 Weeks Pregnant

Weeks pregnant: 7

Size of the baby:  Blueberry!

Emotional stuff: 
We are very excited. 100%. But I’d be lying if I said that the upset in our lives isn’t rattling the entire family. I look forward to feeling better! I can’t believe that we’re actually going to have a baby…. again!

Tomorrow we get to see the baby on ultrasound so that should be exciting. Right now it’s just been tiring and overwhelming. We’ve had to tell a few people just because it’s so obvious that I’m not doing well! We even had to tell Q earlier than we wanted to because she’s been so worried about me. She’s going to come to the ultrasound as well. Hopefully that will make it seem a little more real for all of us.

Physical stuff: So, I thought maybe this pregnancy would be a bit easier for me since the first few weeks after finding out I felt AMAZING. I was wrong. This is definitely the hardest of the three pregnancies. I went from 0-60 over night with feeling awful. Forget morning sickness. I feel great in the morning for about 2 hours! It’s my favorite time of day! Then it’s all downhill for the rest of the day. Yesterday I threw up twice, before that it’s been once every few days. Not fun at all. 🙁 Sleeping helps. I’ve been going to bed pretty early most nights. S has had to handle bedtime more than a few times. I’m very thankful for the support!

I can’t stop eating: Carbs, Granny Smith Apples
I can’t even look at: I can’t even talk about it
Fitness: Nope
Birth prep: Not Yet
Baby prep: Not Yet 🙂 

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Dear Q, 4.5

Dear Q,

Holy Moly, you’re four and a half!!! You’re a full on Kid now and we are loving it! You’re tall and super skinny. 33lbs! You have gorgeous brown hair that is halfway down your back and curls like a dream. You hate wearing ponytails and prefer to wear it down all the time. It’s lighter than Daddy’s hair but darker than mine. We all love your hair. 🙂

You love your preschool. You attend four days a week and you wish you could go every day! Your best friend is Ryan and you talk about him all.the.time. 🙂 It’s adorable. You’re learning to write and basic reading. You’re great at sounding our short words and you’re starting to recognize certain words as sight words. You like to color and do projects at school but don’t seem very interested at home. Good thing you have school!

Other current favorites are Octonauts, My Little Pony and Equestria Girls, Wall-E and watching videos on YouTube. You find some of the strangest stuff on there! You seem to have moved past Frozen… for now. You like playing pretend with your princesses and you’re LOVING the crazy amount of snow we have right now. It was so fun seeing you jumping off huge snow piles yesterday!

You’re very opinionated and quick to point out when something is out of place or someone is breaking a rule. You’re still pretty particular with food, much to our frustration, and of course you and TT have totally different “go-to” foods. We’re working on it!

You’re very cuddly and loving. In fact, if you had a choice, you would be sitting on me or touching me 24/7. Honestly, it’s hard for me to handle sometimes since no one wants to be touched 24/7 but I try my best to enjoy it though because I know that soon enough, you won’t want to cuddle with me all the time. It goes so fast! Right now you’re sitting pretty much on top of me.

We’ve been getting things ready for Kindergarten next year. I can’t believe it’s almost here! It’s going to be bittersweet having you gone for full days! I’m ready and I’m not. You’re going to be SO excited!!

I love spending my days with you, even when you’re driving me nuts. You’re smart and funny and caring. I’m so thankful you’re mine.

Love Always,


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Indoor Ball Pit!

The ball pit is back! Last Christmas we gave Q a ball pit and it was her favorite toy. I needed a safe place for her to play while I did other things and this was the perfect solution. Now it’s back to contain little sister but they both love it. It’s just a pack n’ play with plastic balls that we bought at a garage sale. The balls are available on amazon and I’ve also seen them at Target. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone with small children! I’ve seen this done with a blow-up baby pool as well but for my purposes I need high sides to keep these two contained. Yesterday I put on the Frozen soundtrack and went to take a shower and they played the entire time. 🙂 Q’s one complaint is the TT throws the balls out of the pack n’ play. Dropping things and saying “Uh-oh!” is her current favorite activity. The other fun part about them playing in there together is that they are wrestling and laughing together like I’ve never seen before. I love it!

JAN14-1 JAN14-2 JAN14-3

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tina - August 24, 2014 - 10:14 AM

Love your blog posts.

Polar Vortex

This was kind of a crazy week for our family. I visited my friend in Dallas to take newborn photos for her and help out for the weekend and I was supposed to return on Sunday night. However, there was a massive snowstorm and then the Polar Vortex that dropped temps down to -40 (with windchill) so I ended up being stranded away from home for two extra days, returning on Tuesday night instead! S did great with the girls but it was hard to be away. Thankfully I was able to just stay in Dallas Sunday night and then I stayed with a college friend in Pittsburgh on Monday night since they rerouted me through Pittsburgh then canceled the second leg of the trip. It was great to get home to my girls! The other big event of the week was that we joined the local YMCA! Now we can go swimming and take advantage of open gym time for the kids as well as free childcare while I work out. YESSSSSS!!!! Here are a few phone pictures of my girls who were very happy to have Mommy home! QTubJan8-1

Silly bathtub selfies of Q with her “mermaid hair”. She cracks me up.


This little one is a major climber! She loves to climb into the crib and play.

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