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Baby 3.0 – 19 Weeks Pregnant

I still want to do a bump photo series and hope to start it at week 20. Between feeling gross and gross weather my motivation to get camera ready has been at an all time low. However, I know I’ll be sad if I don’t! I also need to get over the fact that I’m heavier all over this pregnancy and won’t look as cute as I did when I was pregnant the first 2 times. Time to get over it!!!

Week Pregnant: 19! Whaaaaat?

Size of the baby: About the size of an heirloom tomato. In layman’s terms, baby now weighs about 8 1/2 ounces and is roughly 6 inches long from head to bottom.

Emotional stuff: oh Hai raging hormones 🙂 I am officially becoming preg-motional. I feel like it’s rather early for this but everything seems to be happening early this pregnancy!! This week I’ve gotten so mad about something I couldn’t calm down for over a day and also so overwhelmed by something that won’t happen for a year that I cried. hahahahaha
I’m calling a spade a spade though. This pregnancy has turned me into a crazy person. Watch out for me by the end! lol. I am more convinced than ever that it’s a boy. Things are just too intense in every way!

Physical stuff: Last week I had migraine from Monday through Friday. Monday it started lightly and took root by evening. Tuesday – Thursday were full blown migraine culminating with me throwing up twice on Thursday and calling S to come home early because I didn’t feel safe to drive and pick up T from the sitter. Friday I was recovering and by Sunday I felt back to normal. This week has been good but I still feel nauseated a few days a week. Sometimes before I eat. Sometimes after. I can’t predict it anymore. This has not been an easy pregnancy for me.

Baby is super active. I feel him 50+ times a day. He kicks a lot when the cats lay on my belly or if one of the girls is sitting with me. I can feel the kicks from the outside but no one else has yet. I kind of like my private relationship though. Baby is all mine only for a short time!

I can’t stop eating: Pasta salad, grape tomatoes, Frosted Mini Wheats. 

I can’t even look at: Food really isn’t my friend, still. I eat whatever sounds good at the time and half the time it doesn’t actually taste good once I get a chance to eat it. I hope eventually I’ll be able to just eat and enjoy my food! I’ve been eating out a lot because it’s so hard to buy food at the store and actually want to eat it later…

Fitness: This week I’ve felt really good. I’ve been able to go walking again with the girls and it feels great to be active. I can get through the day without napping (even though I still like to nap if I can) and my energy in general seems to be back. 

Sibling Prep: Q is just the sweetest when it comes to the baby. She kisses my stomach every night and says “I just love you so much!”. It makes my heart explore. T still is pretty oblivious. She’s obsessed with her baby cousins though so that’s a good sign. When we talk about a new baby coming to live with us she suggests one of her baby cousins. 🙂

Birth prep: We have our Doula booked. That’s about it so far. It’s sneaking up on me though.

Baby prep: Starting to think about going through the old baby clothes and donating anything we don’t love. We definitely need to get rid of some stuff to make more room for the baby. It’s going to be tight but we’ll be OK. I’m just going to need to do some hardcore nesting and organizing. 

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