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What am I waiting for?

I feel like I have a million blog posts in my head and yet I never come here to write. There's always something holding me back and the biggest culprits are lack of time, lack of photos and wanting everything to look perfect before I publish it.


Well, my life isn't perfect. It's jumbled, it's full of stolen moments and making do on limited resources so I'm just going to go for it. I have the Blogsy App on my iPad, I have enough photos on Instagram and Facebook to populate posts and I can even (gasp!) blog without photos sometimes!

Here's some recent cuteness to tide you over while I organize my thoughts for future posts!


I'm planning a post on cloth diapers so watch out for that! This is T in her first pair of wool longies. Such a happy girl!

I'll also be posting about this contraption once I determine whether the positive sleep change we have experienced is due to the magic of this suit or just a developmental thing!

I'm off to brainstorm blog ideas. 🙂


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